Don’t Cry, Spike! Pre-orders now available!

Don’t cry, Spike!

When I told Spike it’d be a couple of months before the book was ready he was very sad. I’m hoping putting the book up for pre-order will make him a little happier!
Pre-order Ducky & Spike now and save $2.00 on the retail price! For a limited time, pre-orders for Ducky & Spike will be $16.00. My goal is 225 pre-orders. I’m offering you a discount to help me reach that goal. When we reach that goal I’ll add a new goal with a special gift for everyone who has pre-ordered a book! I expect the book to be ready for printing in mid-September with delivery shortly after that. If you want to buy wholesale for a gift, children’s boutique, or book shop, please contact me for terms!

Sign book to:

And for those of you who like to sew, you can see a sneak peek at the Ducky and Spike patterns, below!



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Things just got a little “Duckier” around here!


Setting up to take the photo!

I’m so excited to share the new photos of Ducky and Spike. We spent this afternoon in a dear friend’s photography studio, Unforgettable Photos, in my hometown of Manchester, MI. The pictures turned out beautifully for the book. I’m so excited to give you a top-notch product!  The book will be a 40 page hardcover book with dust jacket in full, glorious color, and will be $18.00 with a $3.00 shipping charge. I will also be accepting wholesale orders for book and gift stores. Please contact me for terms.

About the story:

When Ducky’s new ball bounces off the door of an underground home, she suddenly has a new friend to play with. But Spike’s spines pop Ducky’s new ball, and he starts to cry. The two friends try everything to fix it. Spike uses glue. Ducky tries tying the ball together. Nothing works until Ducky’s creative thinking, and Spike’s “spikes”, save the day.

Ducky & Spike is a nearly wordless story geared toward children ages 4 to 8 and is illustrated with photographs of my dolls. You can see test shots below and I’ll be sharing the professional shots soon.

A Pre-order button will be coming soon too, in the meantime, stay updated on Ducky & Spike, and my other projects by  joining my mailing list or subscribing to the blog. You can find that button to the right—>

Now for more beautiful pics!

Ducky & Spike play ball!

Hello, Spike!

Hello, Ducky!

Such a serene scene. Doesn’t it just make you want to move in?



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The Fair Villagers are coming!

This traveling peddler arrived on our doorstep this morning. He’s headed to the annual summer gathering of the harvest faeries with his wares. He didn’t have time to stop and converse, so I had to snap his picture on the move. Thankfully, snails aren’t that quick.

It’s been a long haul, but the faeries and I have arrived safely in our new home. I thought I’d introduce you to some of the new faeries I’ve met recently. Thankfully they didn’t mind having their picture taken.

Marlo is a faerie who lives near our basement entrance. He farms the moss that grows on the retaining wall. He seems to have a bit of an Irish accent. Who knew a farming faerie could look so dapper?

Penelope was a bit too shy to look straight at the camera, but she looked beautiful anyway. She is the type of faerie who gathers our discarded and lost bits and baubles–thimbles, thread, buttons, you name it. I wondered where that screw to fix the cabinet went…

Stay tuned for more faerie sightings!


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Moving Sale!

My family is relocating to the Midwest in a few weeks! We are all very excited about this move back home. Unfortunately, that  means I have to pack my whole studio up and it’s going to be awhile before I get everything back in working order. I’ve listed a few final pieces in my Etsy shop, but don’t wait, because the physical items in my shop will go black until this fall.

Want a sneak peek at the new studio? Follow me on Facebook for updates throughout the summer.

And here are the new listings:


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Ready? Set? Go!!

I dream with my eyes open. Wool felt and embroidery. copyright Jennifer Carson 2016

Thank you for your patience as I updated the way you can purchase Dragon Charmer Sewing Patterns! Some of you have already tested the new site and I THANK YOU!

So what’s all the hullabaloo you ask? Now you can purchase and download patterns right from my website. No need to follow links to other sites or sign up for an account, and you kn ow you are purchasing directly from the pattern designer which helps me provide you with more new patterns!

Ready to celebrate the update? Purchase any sewing pattern(s) over $10.00 and receive 20% off your purchase with the discount code CelebratetheUpdate. This offer is only good through April 30th, so don’t hesitate!

Happy creating!



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The Dragon Charmer is getting an update!

Please be patient as I update the pattern pages of the site. Soon you will be able to download and pay for patterns directly from website!

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Meet Ducky and Spike in Person!



Meet Ducky at Enchanted Passage in Sutton, Massachusetts.

Today at 2 PM!

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Ducky and Spike, test shots with scenery

I’ve always wanted to make illustrations with my dolls, so this year I decided to get rid of the fear and go for it. I still have some tweaks to make, but I’m getting closer. What do you guys think?


Wanna Play?

Wanna Play?


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New Sewing Pattern, Nori, the Scandinavian Hairy Troll

Nori likes to play outside in the snow.

Nori likes to play outside in the snow.

Nori is based on the hairy Scandinavian trolls. She is fully jointed with needle felted eyes and wired fingers. Nori is 16″ in total length. She wears a removable fur collar and is stuffed with love.

Nori, pictured above, is made from hand dyed wool and a premium faux fur. You may substitute the wool for any doll skin fabric of your choice. You may also use safety lock eyes or glass eyes on loops instead of needle felting the eyes.

I used safety lock joints for Nori, if you know how to use other joints, go for it. Please keep in mind who the recipient is when you choose materials.

My sewing patterns are clearly written in English and have illustrated directions. This sewing pattern is best for an intermediate sewer, or a beginner with a more advanced helper at hand.

Find  the pattern for Nori in my Etsy shop!


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Event at Enchanted Passage, Sutton, MA on January 7!


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