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Awesome Creature Maker Monday, Fionna

Posted by on March 3, 2014

Meet Fionna! She is my awesome creature maker for this week! Here’s what she wrote me:

Hi Jennifer, you don’t know me personally but I have had some of your patterns for a while now and just starting to make them up. I am not a sew-er as such, as I am mainly a Clay sculpter, but just having a wee break off clay and needed something else to do, then I remembered your patterns I had here. You make the patterns so simple to read etc., I didn’t have any trouble with them what so ever , so thank you for making easy to read patterns (for normally non-sewing people like myself lol !)……here is a link to my first ever soft sculpt I have just about finished…

Ms. LIlly

Ms. LIlly


Isn’t she beautiful? You can find more of Fionn’s work on her Facebook Page.


Keep up the awesome work, creature makers!


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