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The first softie of the, month! Starry Eyed Rattle Bear

Posted by on July 19, 2012

Soft Rattle Bears

So, I’m now official. I have my Bachelor’s Degree in my hand, which means that I don’t have any more homework and can spend more time designing. Instead of the softie of the week during the summer, I’m going to do a Softie of the Month. Instead of 6 softies a year you’ll be getting 12!

The first softie I made because there are so many people having babies lately, that I thought it would be nice to make something cute and furry for the little ones. Of course, you don’t have to add the rattle, either! But if you want to add the rattle you can purchase them here.

Simple directions:

1. Drag the pattern below to your desktop and print it out. Trace it on a stiff piece of paper (cardstock, manilla folder, etc). Trace the body piece onto your fabric.

2. Stitch on the line, leaving the turning flap open. Clip curves and corner and turn right side out. Stitch at bottom of ears to keep the stuffing from going into them. Stuff bear. Insert rattle if wanted.

3. Trace the face onto a piece of felt.

4. Embroider or stitch the big smile and starry eyes.

5. Pin face to head and hand stitch around edge.

6. Turn turning flaps in and hand stitch opening closed.




2 Responses to The first softie of the, month! Starry Eyed Rattle Bear

  1. Birgitte Spence

    Hi Jennifer, I have just purchased an e pattern of Hapenny, and was wondering how I go about getting the pattern for her adorable little pig friend? Would love to make her with a group of pigs!
    Thanks Birgitte

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