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Tagged With: Aha! Moments

Phil Robertson, traditional female roles and decisions for the new year

  Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Robertson clan made famous by the A&E show, Duck Dynasty, has gotten himself into a bit of boiling water recently over a comment he made about marrying a girl when she was 15 or 16 because she would be more “moldable”. Those weren’t his exact words, but that was … Continue reading »

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How I Write…Revising

Many writers groan and cringe  when they hear the word revise, but I actually like this process. If there were a group called revisers anonymous, I would be in it. So, how do I begin? After I write a chapter or whatever is on the docket for the day, I let it sit until the … Continue reading »

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Ogres…the real kind & the stuffed

Once upon  time there was a young girl who really wanted to make a living using her creative inner voice.  Along the journey she met many people who cheered her on, and some that didn’t. One of them told her she wasn’t good enough to make any money (older brother). One of them told her … Continue reading »

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How I Write… Character Development and World Building, you just have to trust yourself!

When I begin a new manuscript it usually starts with a character that begins to tell me their story. It usually comes in pictures or scenes at that 4 AM bewitching hour. Edge of the Wedge came a little differently. I had a picture book manuscript that had gotten a lot of interest and good … Continue reading »

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Writing is like a dragonfly…

I  know, some of you are thinking, this lady is crazy! How is writing like a dragonfly?  Well, I’m going to tell you. My family and I went up to Pittsburg, NH this Memorial Day weekend. The three older boys were fishing with my husband and I was on shore with my youngest, having paddled … Continue reading »

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