The Tangled Magick book trailer is here!

Tangled Magick is coming in April 2015! It’s the sequel to my award winning children’s book Hapenny Magick!

Here’s what the book is about:

A hapenny should live a simple life, but two years ago Maewyn Bridgepost discovered her magick and saved her village from a troll invasion. Now as an official Protector of the Wedge, Maewyn shares in the responsibility of keeping it’s residents safe.
When her mentor, the wizard Callum, leads a Great Expedition, Maewyn joins, knowing that to be the best protector she can be, she must be familiar with what the world holds beyond her tiny village.
When you are only 3 foot tall, the outside world can be a scary place, and the hapennies soon find themselves knee deep in troll trouble. Captured by a gang of trolls the group is taken to a broken-down castle to be servants to the troll queen, Huldfrejya. Unfortunately, Callum is cast into a deep slumber. It’s up to Maewyn to rescue herself and her friends before they are entangled by a powerful magickal enchantment that will turn them into slaves to the troll queen forever!


Pre-order Tangled magick at any indie bookstore or Amazon, Barnes and Noble

The beautiful music was composed by my partner in crime, William Ogmundson. We turned Hapenny Magick into a musical. If you are involved in theater and would like to consider producing it, just email me. I have the script and demo CD available.

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New Year, clean it out sale!

I’ve go so much inventory from the past few years I can’t hardly get into my studio! So I’m cleaning out! Now through January 23rd you can take $5.00 off your Etsy order too! Just use this coupon code at the checkout: WINTER15. (good on purchases of $25 or more)

Here’s a peek at the new stuff you’ll  find in the store: Click on this link to go directly to my Etsy store.

IMG_6513 IMG_6524 IMG_6533 IMG_6537 IMG_6542 IMG_6555 IMG_6571 IMG_6575 IMG_6580 IMG_6584 IMG_6587

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Little Spirits now available!

New Little Spirits are now available in my Etsy shop for holiday delivery. You can even custom order, but only until December 12th! Order one with hair or without, in your choice of colors! For more information, visit my Etsy store.

Christmas Spirits

Christmas Spirits

photo 3(3)

Winter Spirits

Autumn Spirits


Highland Spirit

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Call Sign Karma, Character Blitz!


Today we are having a character blitz post for CALL SIGN KARMA by debut author Jamie Rae. This book will be released January 5th, 2015. Be sure to check out the teasers and rafflecopter below.




Learn more about Locke Sinclair

CSK_Locke stats


Learn more about Tinklee Pinkerton

CSK_Tink Stats


Love in the no-fly zone…

Distraught over the loss of her brother in a fighter jet accident, Tinklee Pinkerton decides to follow in his footsteps and prove the tragedy wasn’t his fault. But when she’s chosen as the first woman to fly the Air Force’s F-35, her plan for a life that revolves around work is thrown off course by a handsome, mysterious stranger…

Thanks to Locke’s seductive British accent, sweet nature, and one too many beers, Tink is soon inspired to throw caution to the wind and herself into his arms. She thinks maybe love can heal after all—until she discovers Locke is her superior officer. Tink has no problem risking her life in the air, but with everything on the line, is she brave enough to risk her heart on the ground?

CSK_TeaserNEW CSK_TeaserNEW2


If you pre-order CALL SIGN KARMA by Jamie Rae, you can enter your information in to receive a signed bookmark. Please pre-order by January 2nd. US addresses only please.




Barnes & Noble:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

JamieRaeAuthor Information:

JAMIE RAE is a New Adult and Young Adult author. She writes with one goal in mind–create stories with a positive message that will stay with the reader long after they’ve finished reading.

Jamie is an avid reader and loves discovering stories with a great hook, though she will not eat, sleep, or speak until she reaches the end. The Harry Potter years weren’t pretty!! Convinced that her Hogwarts letter was lost in the mail, she keeps a watchful eye for owls hoping her children will have better luck!

In her other life, Jamie Rae is an orthodontist, and literary agent. She keeps her heart overflowing with love as a mother of three and has perfected the art of nomadic living as a military spouse and Air Force veteran. Jamie has a passion for critters of all shapes and sizes and you can often find her sneaking them into her own home or volunteering for rescues.

Facebook Fan Page:


Blogger Button

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Christmas Spirits, New sewing pattern and kit available!

Christmas-spirits-coverChristmas Spirits are little elves that arrive in your home and help spread joy and cheer during the holiday season. Arrange them in a new place every morning with a little note for the children or grandchildren encouraging the spirit of the season. Your note can say: Let’s visit an elderly neighbor or relative today, Let’s read a favorite story together today, Let’s bake cookies for our mailman today–whatever you want!

Help spread kindness during the holiday season and teach the little ones to do the same! Heck, spread joy every day, make some elves that come every month instead of just during the holiday season!

This website has some other great ideas to share:


I’ve put a kit together that is available in my Etsy store for the dolls pictured. More color choices will be offered soon! If you’d like a custom order kit with special colors, just contact me and we’ll figure it out!

Materials you’ll need to make your Christmas Spirits: (Or you can buy the kit!)

Wooden head, wire bendy dolls, 5 ½” tall
( I got mine at

Wool felt in your choice of colors (a 9×12” sheet of each color will make both dolls)
Embroidery floss that matches the colors of your felt
Sewing needle
Scrap of wool for scarf (1/2 x 9”)
Scraps of washed wool or wool felt for shoes (a 6×6” square per doll will do)
Small buttons and other trims
Sharp, small scissors
A bit of wool roving in your choice of colors

I’ve made this pattern with an unlimited number of dolls you can make for sale–Let’s spread the joy!

Available on Etsy and Patternmart!

Christmas Spirits, PMRT

Christmas Spirits, PMRT

Christmas Spirits are little elves that arrive in your home and help spread joy and cheer during …

Price: US$6.00

Click for details

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New Sewing Pattern, Yeti Earbud Buddy and I-Phone/I-Pod Case

IMG_0772 Always losing your iphone or ipod in your bag or purse? Those days are long gone with a cute little pouch that you can hook to the handle of your bag. The earbud buddy keeps your earbuds from from getting tangled or the wires broken, simply wrap your cord around the Yeti’s neck and snap his tongue down.

Case is made from Wool Felt. Yeti buddy is made from fuzzy felt with seed bead eyes and a cotton lining. Slip your phone into the case and clip onto your bag. Never have to search for your phone again!


All supplies are easily available at any craft store. Case and earbud buddy can be hand or a combination or hand and machine sewn. Yeti on case can be made with ears up or ears down.

Earbud buddy measures 7″ long by 4″ wide. Case is 3.27″ wide and 6.5″ long.

Limited numbers can be made for profit.

You can instantly download this pattern from Etsy or Patternmart.
Yeti Earbud Buddy and I-Phone/I-Pod case, PMRT

Yeti Earbud Buddy and I-Phone/I-Pod case, PMRT

Always losing your iphone or ipod in your bag or purse? Those days are long gone with a cute little …

Price: US$3.50

Click for details

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Blog Tour: Ben Fox: Squirrel Zombie Specialist At Your Service

BEN Fox(1)Today I’d like to introduce you to Ben Fox: Squirrel Zombie Specialist At Your Service by Daisy Whitney.

“Ten-year-old Ben Fox has good friends, a great dog, and a lightning-fast little sister who drives him a bit batty. The only thing in the fifth grader’s life that’s truly annoying–well, besides having to wear braces on his feet every day–is the family’s wily Siamese cat, Percy.

Ben has always suspected something was off about Percy, who has never shown him or his beloved dog, Captain Sparkles, much affection. But now he’s sure something is off–Percy has raised an army of squirrel zombies in the backyard and they’re ready to take on the dog.

It’ll be up to Ben to figure out how to stop the dastardly cat before the dog falls prey to the feline’s nefarious plans, especially since Percy and his newly reanimated squirrel friends are gunning for nothing less than a full-scale Animal Zombie Apocalypse–when all the dogs start to behave like cats.

If only Ben could enlist his mom’s help in the undead animal war. But his mom is petrified of things that go bump in the night, so Ben’s only hope is to team up with his little sister. The battle won’t be easy though, because squirrel zombies are the most dangerous of all…”

About Daisy Whitney

Daisy Whitney is also the author of the young adult novels THE MOCKINGBIRDS, THE RIVALS, WHEN YOU WERE HERE, and STARRY NIGHTS. Her books have received critical acclaim including NPR Best Teen Read, ABC New Voices Pick, ALA Best Fiction for Young Adults, an NCIBA Book of the Year Honorable Mention, a Romantic Times Best of YA, and a Chicago Public Library Best of the Best.

ARCs of Ben Fox: Squirrel Zombie Specialist At Your Service have already been shipped, and are also available via NetGalley. For future reference, or to request an ARC of this book, please use the Reviewers link.


For more about Daisy, visit her at

Twitter @DaisyWhitney

Facebook Author page

Book notes:

Title: Ben Fox: Squirrel Zombie Specialist At Your Service

Author: Daisy Whitney

Publication Date: October 14, 2014

Price: $9.95

Pages: 158

ISBN: 9781939392190

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5 questions for Laura Diamond, author of The Zodiac Collector

As many of you know, half of my life is spent writing and editing books for Spencer Hill Press. A while back I signed this awesome author, Laura Diamond, and I want to introduce you to her and her wonderful book, The Zodiac Collector, which just came out on September 23rd!

Zodiac-collectorfullcoverflatBook Blurb:

“For almost-16 year-old Anne Devans, the annual Renaissance Faire means three things—her dad spending weeks in the smithy, her bipolar mom doing some manic costume making, and another ruined birthday for her and her twin sister, Mary.

This year, Anne wants things to be different, and she’s going to do things her way.

On the eve of the Faire, Anne (along with a reluctant Mary) conjures up a spell that will make their 16th birthday party a whirlwind event. Little do they know that it’s a literal request.

After the mini tornado in their room subsides, the girls realize they’ve invoked the power of the Gemini Twins, Castor and Pollux. That’s the good news. The bad news is they also caught the attention of a sorceress named Zeena who has been collecting children born under each Zodiac Sign to enhance her power. Once she captures Anne and Mary, Gemini twins, the entire Zodiac—and the world—will be hers.

Anne leads the fight against Zeena, but her one-sided decisions could throw them into a world so far from home, even the Renaissance Faire would seem like a brilliant vacation. Between managing their new Zodiac powers, dodging their manic mother and trying to stop Zeena, they’ll get a 16th birthday they’ll never forget.”

1– What was your inspiration for writing the Zodiac Collector?

Quite simply, the Renaissance Faire. Seeing the little patch of forest transformed into another era with tiny shops, folks in costumes, and, of course, the jousting arena really helps to invoke a sense of magic and fantasy. I knew I wanted to craft a story with such a fun setting and that’s how Zodiac Collector was born.

2– What is your writing process like? Are you a “pantser” or an outliner?

Well, I’ve done both, but I started as a pantser and I think there will always be a part of me that will stay a pantser, even when I draft an outline. Somehow, no matter how carefully I outline, when I’m in the midst of drafting, the outline goes out the window and the story takes over.

3– What was the best piece of advice you received about writing?

Listen to feedback and don’t take it personally. It’s hard not to when someone is ripping apart your work, but they’re not doing it to hurt your feelings! The awesome thing about writers, editors, etc, is that they are genuinely willing to be helpful and most critiques come from a place of caring. Think about it, if a writer is giving a crit or advice, it’s probably because they’ve encountered the same issue before. They’re trying to help you climb one of the many learning curves the writing has to offer.

4– What advice would you give to beginning writers?

KEEP WRITING. No matter what. The highs are high and the lows are low, so keeping a steady head is important too. With perseverance, progress is made…and rejection doesn’t sting quite as much after a while. ;)

5– Besides writing, what kind of hobbies do you enjoy?

Sleeping, lol! Besides that, I enjoy reading, music, movies, cuddling with my fur babies, and spontaneous day trips. I’m also s-l-o-w-l-y renovating a 225+ year old house (money pit, yikes!) and it’s quite rewarding bringing the old gal back to her former glory.


More about Laura:

Laura Diamond is a board certified psychiatrist and author of all things young adult Laura-diamondparanormal, dystopian, and horror. She’s a lucid dreamer, meaning she can direct her dreams while they’re happening. When she’s awake, she pens stories from her dreams and shares them with her readers. Laura has many published titles including the Pride Series (New Pride, Shifting Pride, and Tsavo Pride), the Endure Series (Endure and Evoke), The Zodiac Collector, a novella Sunset Moon in the Lore anthology, and several shorts stories. When she’s not writing, she is working at the hospital, blogging at Author Laura Diamond–Lucid Dreamer, and renovating her 225+ year old fixer-upper mansion.

For more about Laura, visit her at

blog link (

Twitter (

Facebook Author page (





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A Hapenny Harvest!

Join us on November 15, 2014 for:


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Cover Reveal, Freaks of Nature by Wendy Brotherlin

Most of you know that I edit books for Spencer Hill Press. At the NESCBWI conference in May of 2013, I met this really cool writer when her manuscript was sent to me for a critique. I instantly fell in the love with the story, and after meeting Wendy, I fell in love with the author too. Check out this really awesome cover that artist Lisa Amowitz designed for Freaks of Nature!

Freaks of Nature

Freaks of Nature

Here’s what the story is about:

The global Ebola-X pandemic of 2022 lasted five months, two weeks and six days before a cure could be found. In its wake, it left a generation of psionic freaks who can turn a single thought into a weapon… or worse.

Fifteen-year-old Devon McWilliams is one of those freaks, but instead of some awesome ability like telekinesis or telepathy, he talks to plants. In other words, Devon rates a big fat zero on the scale of cool psychic abilities. Days after escaping from his psionic detainment facility, the military intercepts him. Regaining consciousness, Devon finds himself restrained aboard a military airship headed toward lifetime incarceration or certain death.

Also aboard this one-way flight to doom are six other psions. One of them, a telepath named Bai Lee, claims to have the means to escape. All the others have to do is convince her that they’re worthy of freedom. This is not good news for Plant Boy. The last thing he wants to do is reveal his useless plant-talking prowess to this kill-you-with-a-thought crew. To complicate matters further, he’s crushing hard on Alya, the lovely healer.

Devon knows he must keep his wits about him if he’s going survive this wild ride. And that’s going to be a tricky thing to do around a determined telepath who seems to have a diabolical agenda all her own.


About my author:
Wendy Brotherlin is a screenwriter, music enthusiast and all around geek-goddess. She earned a Masters in Screenwriting at the University of Southern California and went on to write for children’s television including Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark?. Today, she lives in Manchester, Maine with her husband and two little super-heroes-in-training. Freaks of Nature is her first novel.

Learn more about Wendy!

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