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The library faerie

The library faerie

Want to meet me in person? Visit my events page to find out if I’ll be somewhere near you!

Want me to come to your event? Send me a note through my contact page!

Some events where you’ll find me this spring:

I’ll be Skyping with classrooms around the country in March to celebrate literacy. Email me for a time slot!

March 27, 2014– Kearsarge Regional  Middle School, Literacy Night

An evening for the students and families at KRMS. Guest keynote speaker is our fabulously talented and local storyteller, Simon Brooks and workshops on poetry with author Trisha Woolridge, world building 101 with yours truly, storytelling with Simon, writing lyrics with Vice-Principal of KRMS Percy Hill, snappy dialog with author Laura Pauling, and the importance of including your pets in your family memoirs by author Dee Currier, this should end up being an awesome night of celebrating literacy in our community! Call the school form ore information if you have a child in the district.

March 29, 2014Magickal Marketplace, at the Radisson Hotel in Nashua, NH

12-7pm I’ll have OOAK faeries  and copies of  the new edition of Hapenny Magick!

April 8, 2014– Author’s Tea, Laconia, NH 5-7pm

You are cordially invited to attend the Children’s Authors Tea.  This wonderful, free event is organized to promote the importance of early literacy.  Come celebrate the “Week of the Young Child” and “Strengthening Families and Communities Month” with us!

Evening Events: Book signing and sales by authors, local libraries will offer information about their services, story telling, music, and raffle drawings. For more information please call Child Care Resource and Referral at the Family Resource Center at 524-1741 x21

Belknap Mill
25 Beacon St. East
The Mill Plaza
Laconia, NH

May 2-4, 2014–SCBWI- New England Annual Conference

I’ll be attending this conference as a faculty member in my position as Senior Editor for Spencer Hill Press. Manuscript critiques are available on Friday and Saturday. Go to the NESCBWI website for more information.

May 18, 2014–BAM! Store in Concord, NH 1-3pm

Join me at the Books a Million store on Louden Rd. in Concord, NH between 1-3 for a reading of the new edition of Hapenny Magick and have your book signed.

May 29-31, 2014–Book Expo America, New York City, NH

Come visit me in the Spencer Hill Press booth!

 Look for more dates coming soon!

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New Sewing pattern, The March Hare

The March Hare, a new sewing pattern for March 2014

The March Hare, a new sewing pattern for March 2014

This cute little Hare is all dandied up for the season! The March Hare is 9″ tall when sitting and is 12″ long in total length. The directions for this sewing pattern are clearly written and illustrated.
Directions are for a fully jointed hare made of soft faux fur with needle felted eyes and an embroidered nose and mouth.


You can purchase the sewing pattern on:

Etsy or Patternmart.



March Hare, PMRT

March Hare, PMRT

This cute little Hare is all dandied up for the season! The March Hare is 9″ tall when sitting and …

Price: US$8.00

Click for details

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Awesome Creature Maker Monday, Fionna

Meet Fionna! She is my awesome creature maker for this week! Here’s what she wrote me:

Hi Jennifer, you don’t know me personally but I have had some of your patterns for a while now and just starting to make them up. I am not a sew-er as such, as I am mainly a Clay sculpter, but just having a wee break off clay and needed something else to do, then I remembered your patterns I had here. You make the patterns so simple to read etc., I didn’t have any trouble with them what so ever , so thank you for making easy to read patterns (for normally non-sewing people like myself lol !)……here is a link to my first ever soft sculpt I have just about finished…

Ms. LIlly

Ms. LIlly


Isn’t she beautiful? You can find more of Fionn’s work on her Facebook Page.


Keep up the awesome work, creature makers!


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New, hand sclupted OOAK faeries

The new hand sculpted faeries that first appeared on my Facebook page a couple of weeks ago, have finally been listed on Etsy! Here are some more in progress.

A Mouse Fae-- She's not quite what I was gong for yet, but close!

A Mouse Fae– She’s not quite what I was gong for yet, but close!


a close up of the Mouse Fae









a long eared, long footed fae baby


A gnome baby


A tiny little elf faerie–just under 2″ long!


You can find this little faerie for sale in my Etsy shop.































Available on Etsy


Available on Etsy


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Awesome Creature Maker Monday

I’ve been wanting to find a cool way to show off all the great pictures people have sent me of their creations using my patterns, so I’m creating Awesome Creature Maker Monday!

Meet Cindy. She took my troll tot pattern and made a heavy metal troll. Here’s the message she sent me:

icm_fullxfull.36368646_v1ct62ytpmo080owos0oI just thought you would like to see the finished product- he ended up being a cute heavy metal baby troll! he’s modeled after the bass player of my favorite band, Finntroll. I met them in December, and they were quite impressed with him! so, thanks for the fun pattern and rock star moment!

No, Cindy-Thank you for sharing your awesome story and photos! I love it when people integrate their own ideas with my patterns.

You can visit Finntroll’s Facebook page to learn more about them here. You can learn more about Cindy on her blog.



If you have a great story and cool photos of a creature you’ve made based on a Dragon Charmer pattern you can contact me here or send me a message through Etsy!

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It’s official! Hapenny Magick is going to be a game!





Last Spring I was approached by a gaming company in Indiana about using the premise of Hapenny Magick to make a game about building community. Now, it’s official! Coming this spring to a store near you is Hapenny Magick: A Troll’s Afoot!  from Prospero’s Pen Games.

In the game players have to work together to rid the Wedge of Trolls, just like Maewyn, Callum, Alleta, Leif and the community of happenies in Hapenny Magick had to do. The game is full of magick and fun, and my family can NOT wait to play it!

Recently I discovered that Steve Jackson’s team (creator of such fabulous games as the Munchkin series and zombie dice–both family favorites at our house) has been mentoring the Prospero team. I hope this means really great things for all involved in the coming months.

9781937053918_p0_v1_s260x420Don’t forget that the new, award winning, edition for Hapenny Magick is now up for presale. The official publication date is April 15th and it includes two new illustrations from Pat Ann Lewis, the short story that inspired the novel and four new illustrations from faerie artist Linda Ravenscroft. Treat yourself to a fun read after dealing with all those tax trolls! Please ask your local book store and library to bring in some copies of Hapenny Magick and to keep an eye out for the game.

You can pre-order online at Amazon, B&N, BAM! and don’t forget our local independents! There is also an educator’s newsletter e-mail list for Spencer Hill Press. Drop me a line if you’d like to be added on to it. It comes out quarterly, has educational articles and book discussion questions included and every quarter you are instantly entered to win four titles from the publisher. This quarter’s newsletter has a sample chapter from Hapenny Magick as well!

And keep an eye on my blog for the official release of the cover for the sequel, Tangled Magick! It’s finished, it’s beautiful, and I can’t wait to share it with you.


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New adventures coming soon. Fox Hollow Tales will announce a new partnership soon!


Exciting news from Fox Hollow will be announced soon!

Fox Hollow Tales is very excited to announce a new partnership. Keep an eye out for the announcement in the late spring! In the meantime, you can meet some of the characters who live in Fox Hollow by clicking on this link. Follow our adventure by becoming a friend of Fox Hollow on Facebook.

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Sully Sloth, New sewing pattern for February 2014

Sully Sloth

Sully Sloth










Sully is 16″ from head to “tail”, but his legs lay out longer. He is made from soft faux fur and is fully jointed. Eyes are needle felted and nose is embroidered. His eyes are shaded with an artist’s marker.

Detailed, written instructions with illustrations for clarity. Instructions also include a list of suppliers.
All Dragon Charmer designs may be made for sale. Please read copyright information at the end of the pattern instructions for details.
Sully Sloth, PMRT

Sully is 16″ from head to “tail”, but his legs lay out longer. He is made from soft faux fur and is …

Price: US$10.00

Click for details

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Grizzle the Faun, new sewing pattern for January 2014

Grizzle the Faun, new sewing pattern

Grizzle the Faun, new sewing pattern

Grizzle the Faun began his life as a custom order for a little boy who needed a sidekick to fight the monsters that live under his bed. He is fully jointed and made from faux fur and hand-dyed wool with ultra suede antlers. Of course, you can use other doll making fabrics too. Grizzle is approximately 18″ tall. His eyes are needle felted and he is child safe.

Before you ask, February’s pattern WILL BE the Sloth! I promise! =0) Download the pattern for Grizzle instantly from Etsy, Patternmart or Craftsy.


January's new sewing pattern

January’s new sewing pattern

Grizzle the Faun, PMRT

Grizzle the Faun, PMRT

Grizzle the Faun began his life as a custom order for a little boy who needed a sidekick to fight …

Price: US$12.00

Click for details

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Phil Robertson, traditional female roles and decisions for the new year


Phil Roberston

Phil Roberston

Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Robertson clan made famous by the A&E show, Duck Dynasty, has gotten himself into a bit of boiling water recently over a comment he made about marrying a girl when she was 15 or 16 because she would be more “moldable”. Those weren’t his exact words, but that was his meaning. I feel like I might be jumping into the pot with him, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about traditional female roles and the girl power craze of the last few decades, of which I feel has swung to the opposite extreme recently. More about that in a minute.


You can watch the video here. Phil Robertson actually says “There’s an old saying in the South. Marry a girl when she’s fifteen or sixteen and she’ll pick your ducks. Marry her when she’s twenty and she’ll pick your pockets.”

I don’t mean to condone or support what Mr.Robertson has said, but I feel as if he is speaking from his own experience, as he married Ms.Kay when she was about that age, and when you are young, you tend to grow together in a marriage instead of trying to blend two people set in their own ways into one path. I know this isn’t a social norm that is practiced much today, but Mr.Robertson’s belief isn’t too many generations off from the norm. My own grandmother, born and raised in Missouri during the Depression Era, was married to my grandfather at the age of 13 (my grandfather was 23) and my first aunt was born a year later. They were married until my grandfather’s death in September of 1994.

For countless generations it has been the traditional role of the male to go out into the world and become accomplished before marriage was even thought of, and then it was marriage to a young bride—one that was taught from a young age that her family was her world and her husband the center of it.

Women were the caretakers of the children, not because men couldn’t nurture them, but because we were naturally equipped for the job. We had the womb, the birthing canal, the mammary glands.

Then a social shift began. The role of women began to change and expand and the role of men was expected to change with it. Men could feed our infants with manufactured breasts and manufactured food, limiting the need for mom. And mom’s told their daughters that they could be anything, do anything they wanted to do. That our “fair” gender wasn’t enough to hold us back anymore. I totally agree with this statement. If a woman can do the job as well as a man, there is no reason that they shouldn’t be able to. Likewise for a man. But what happens when mom or dad is no longer the primary care giver for a child? We no longer live in extended families where grandma and grandpa or aunts and uncles help raise the children of the family either. Where does that leave the child? But that’s a conversation for another time.

Somehow through all my musing on this subject, I’ve come to the conclusion that girl power has grown into a  monster. You can hardly find a contemporary book where the main female character works within a traditional female role—they are always fighting against the societal norms, stretching for that almost unattainable, and certainly hard to hold on to, status in life—and their lover admires them for it. I have nothing against strong female characters—but I feel there is also power in the traditional female role that is often ignored.

“Girl Power” is now so strongly inbred in our society that most  young women today feel that it isn’t enough to take care of a husband, children and home, but that they must also be something else.  But what about those young girls who yearn for nothing more than this traditional role? Where are their role models?

It has been said that raising our children is the most important job we do, and yet, it is no longer (dare I say it?) socially acceptable to just be a mom and wife. There is always that question on people’s tongues—what else do you do?

            I’m the perfect example of this. I was married young(19) and had four children by the time I was 26. For the first 10 years of my married life I raised my boys and took care of my husband and home. Art and writing were hobbies I enjoyed, and dreamed that one day, perhaps I could help financially support my family with the skills I’d honed during precious nap times or while the kids played without need of me or that rare two nights a month I escaped to meet with other writers with the same dream. Now my oldest is 19 and my youngest almost 12, and I have six jobs: My family/home, my sewing pattern business, my library job, my own writing, editing for Spencer Hill Press and helping people publish themselves through Prince and Pauper. I often feel overwhlemed, stressed out for time and depressed that my home does not feel the way I want it to, and much of the time I feel as if I would give a lot to be just a mom and homemaker again. The little monetary gain rarely makes all the stress worthwhile. And so I guess I am quickly coming to the point of another life changing decision—what do I give up to make room for just being wife and mom again?

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