New kits available in the Etsy store!

Tidbit Faeries--the perfect size for dollhouse, ornaments or pins!

Tidbit Faeries–the perfect size for dollhouse, ornaments or pins!

Just in time for gift making, I’ve added kits for the very popular Tidbit Faerie dolls. These fairies are the perfect size for dollhouses, ornaments or pins. You’ve got the choice of 4 different skin colors (in a pre-sewn tube!), lots of felt colors, and 6 different hair colors. Check out the listing here.

il_170x135.83127037I’ve also listed again my felt kits to needle felt perfect eyes. It contains merino roving for the whites of eyes and highlights, dark brown down for pupils and (llama) guard hairs for eyelashes. Plus, you can’t beat the price! ($2.50 for the kit!) You can check out that listing here.

We’ve been traveling a lot these past few months (visiting the parental units in Texas, my son’s army graduation in Georgia, and a family funeral in Michigan) and I started a new job(!), but finally we are home and everything is settling into a half-way normal routine. I’ll be working on getting that fox pattern 3Yes, that cute little guy to the right, and I have a sea dragon pattern all drawn up and a reindeer too! Chat soon and Happy Creating!


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New handmade journals, upcycled from vintage children’s books

Last weekend was the Warner Fall Foliage Festival. We have gone to this festival every year since we’ve lived in New Hampshire, but this year we missed it.

Both of my husband’s grandparent’s passed away recently and we made the 14 hour drive back to Michigan for their memorial service this past weekend. Fortunately, you guys will benefit from our loss, as I had made a bunch of new journals for the show.

Most of them are made from vintage children’s books, but others are made from some of my original art, and some really neat New England greeting cards I had picked up at the local antique shop that my family frequents.

Check out my listings on Etsy and save 15% off your order with the coupon code FALLFEST.


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Getting to know Huldfreyja–My writing process for the sequel to Hapeny Magick

Getting to know Huldfreyja

My writing process for Tangled Magick, the second book in the Hapenny Magick series, was much different than writing the first. For one thing, I already knew my characters through and through, so there would be no surprises, right? Wrong! My characters threw me curveballs while I was writing—especially Leif. I do plan for surprises when I outline my books—well, my writing friends wouldn’t really call it outlining—it’s more of a loosey-goosey synopsis. I know how I want to open the story, I know what the significant problem is and I know where I want to end. All the smaller conflicts and relationships build themselves through the character’s efforts to get to their goal and though I may know some of those scenes and actions before I start writing, but I don’t know all of them—most usually come to me while I’m writing, but are informed by the personality traits of the characters involved and their goals.

In Hapenny Magick the plot line I was sure of was Maewyn’s adventure, and I had to discover how Gelbane, her guardian, was going to foil her plans of escape. For Tangled Magick, I actually plotted around the misadventure of the villain, Huldfrejya, and worked out how my heroes, Maewyn and Leif, were going to play into her plans.

In order to foil Huldfrejya’s plans really well, I had to know how she would react to things—especially when busy-body hapennies were snooping around her chamber! I also had to know how she would retaliate, discover what would throw her over the edge or bring her into the fold—like I said, characters are always full of surprises, and the character you thought was going to be the villain, may turn out not to be. (Oops! I believe I might have said too much!)

Tangled Magick was the first time I tried to write from two points of view. Thank goodness for my editor, Trisha! She really helped me tighten the timelines and make sure everyone was where they were supposed to be when they were suppose to be there.

A lot of writers will tell you to outline your story—the more detailed the better. I say, if that works for you and keeps you on track, great, but leave room for surprises, and don’t be so tied to your outline that you won’t consider changing it if a character surprises you. And, like the character in my new book, The Dragon and the Stag, would say, trust your gut.

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Updated Events schedule and a sneak peek at a new sewing pattern!

I’ve added two new events this week!

Join me on August 24th at my local library in Sutton, NH. I’ll have new work in progress to show off,  plus you can have me sign your books or talk to me about your favorite stories!

On September 5th I’ll be signing books at Bayswater Book Co. in Center Harbor, NH. It’s right next to my favorite quilt shop, Keepsake Quilting. I”ll be there from 11-1 on the front porch!


And here’s a sneak peek of the new sewing pattern I’m working on!

photo 3photo 4

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Two new hand sewing patterns now available!

Gnome Sweet Gnome

Bring a little magic of the forest into your home with this cute wool felt applique project. 14″ in diameter. Use as a candle mat or table centerpiece. Download it from following the link below or find it on Etsy.

photo 2photo 3
Gnome Sweet Gnome

Gnome Sweet Gnome

Bring a little magic of the forest into your home with this cute gnome and toadstool wool …

Price: US$5.50

Click for details


Moongazerphoto 1

A great pattern to decorate your home! Make these pretty chair covers for your Windsor style chairs. Measures 21″ across at bottom and 9″ tall. Ties keep it in place.

Pattern comes with sewing directions and applique of hare (in two sizes in case you’d like to make an accent pillow!), acorns and moon.

Great beginner project!

Embroidery stitches used: blanket stitch, satin stitch, outline stitch, straight stitch.  Download it from following the link below or find it on Etsy.

Moongazer, Hare, Windsor Chair Cover

Moongazer, Hare, Windsor Chair Cover

A great way to decorate your home! Make these pretty chair covers for your Windsor style chairs. …

Price: US$5.50

Click for details

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Press Release for Event at Annie’s Book Stop in Worchester, MA


Worcester Needs Diverse Books–Authors, illustrators, and editors are making children’s and YA literature more welcoming to all.


Visit ABSW for an afternoon of readings, discussion, and Q&A about diversity for our students.


Worcester, MA, June 22 – On Saturday, July 25, authors, editors, and illustrators of diverse children’s and YA literature are spending an afternoon, from 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM, sharing their work and talking about the importance of diversity in literature. More than ever, there is a demand for more books that reflect the diverse collection of children and teenagers in our schools.  Not only do students want to see and “meet” characters like themselves, but making sure all students see diversity is critical to our children’s and teens’ empathy development. There are books out there, but are they getting into our kids’ hands?


Come and find some beautiful new books to introduce children and teens of all ages to—and meet the diverse folks who create the words, draw the pictures, and develop these books. Learn how all of us can make steps to promoting a more diverse, equal, and empathetic world for our children and teens!


The afternoon will begin at 2:00 PM with a panel discussing the importance of diversity and ways we can make diverse books more available to the children and teens who want them.  Then, at 3:00 PM, the authors and artists will share their specific works. The afternoon will close out with a Q & A session with all the authors, artists, and editors.


The guest list includes:


Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung are a tag-team writing duo from Canada. They recently released their debut middle grade super-villain-themed novel Little Miss Evil, and are proud members of the #WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign.


Nicole Tadgell is the award-winning illustrator of more than twenty picture books, including With Books and Bricks: How Booker T. Washington Built a School and Friends for Freedom: The Story of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass.


Cindy Rodriguez was a newspaper reporter for the Hartford Courant and a researcher for the Boston Globe before becoming a public school teacher. She is now a middle school reading specialist. She lives in Plainville, Connecticut with her daughter and rescue mutt. When Reason Breaks is her debut novel.


Terry Farish is the author The Good Braider, an ALA Best Book for young adults, a novel that follows a young girl’s escape from war-torn Sudan to Cairo to New England.  Either the Beginning or the End of the World, a Cambodian American story, will be released in October.


Rhea Ewing is an artist and illustrator who has been making LGBT+ comics for over 10 years. Rhea works in both fiction and nonfiction on a variety of stories, including the science fiction comic “Bioluminescent Lisp” and the nonfiction graphic novel “FINE: a comic about gender”.


Kimberly Long-Ewing is the author of the graphic novel series “Bioluminescent Lisp.” Zir short stories have appeared in Crossed Genres and New Myths, as well as in a variety of anthologies. Zir first novel, Curse of the Goblin Travelers, will be released by Spencer Hill Press in 2016.


T.J. Wooldridge is the child-friendly persona of Trisha J. Wooldridge, former president of Broad Universe. Her novels include The Kelpie, Silent Starsong, and The Earl’s Childe. She’s also a senior editor for Spencer Hill Press and Spencer Hill Middle Grade.


Jennifer Carson is the author of Hapenny Magick, Tangled Magick, and multiple non-fiction articles. Her first book, To Find a Wonder, and Hapenny Magick have both been produced into musical theatre. She is also the managing editor for Spencer Hill Middle Grade.


Join us for an afternoon celebrating diversity for children and teens on Saturday, July 25, from 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM



Contact: Patty Cryan

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Children’s Author Tea, tonight!

April 22, 2015 – Author’s Tea, Laconia, NH 5-7pm

You are cordially invited to attend the Children’s Authors Tea.  This wonderful, free event is organized to promote the importance of early literacy.  Come celebrate the “Week of the Young Child” and “Strengthening Families and Communities Month” with us!

Evening Events: Book signing and sales by authors, local libraries will offer information about their services, story telling, music, and raffle drawings. For more information please call Child Care Resource and Referral at the Family Resource Center at 524-1741 x21

Belknap Mill
25 Beacon St. East
The Mill Plaza
Laconia, NH

Hope to see you there!

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Happy Book birthday to Tangled Magick and Any Way You Slice It–Plus a giveaway!

AWYSI_FINALNot only is it Tangled Magick’s book birthday today, but I happen to share this special book birthday with my friend and fellow critique partner, Kristine Carlson Asselin! Her book, Any Way You Slice It is also available today!!

I met Kris over 6 years ago at an SCBWI conference. She has come so far, with many non-fiction books published, and now her first YA! I’m so excited that I’m giving away a kindle copy!


Enter in the Rafflecopter giveaway

for autographed copies of Tangled Magick, a Kindle copy of any Way You Slice It, blue orb pendants like the one Maewyn wears (photo coming soon!), a download code for the album Music From the Wedge, and if we get 1000 first week sales (including pre-orders) of Tangled Magick, I’ll raffle off the Huldfreyja doll I made for the sewing pattern cover!IMG_7314

Be sure to help spread the world!

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Music From the Wedge, now available!

Various Artists: Music from the WedgeYou can now buy the music based on my children’s book, Hapenny Magick from CD Baby. Soon it will also be available on I-tunes as well. To get a free listen to three of the songs on the album check out this post.
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New Sewing Pattern, Huldfrejya, the troll queen from Tangled Magick!

IMG_7314From my new children’s book, Tangled Magick, the sequel to Hapenny Magick, comes Huldfrejya, the troll queen in the tale. She captures the happennies and turns them into slaves…but is she really the villain?

She’s about 14″ tall with a face only a mother could love. I’ve made her from hand dyed wool but she can be made from many doll making fabrics. Eyes and fangs are needle felted, fingers are wired, thread jointed. Pattern is written and illustrated. Best for intermediate sewing levels. $14.00 and available in my Etsy shop, Patternmart or Craftsy.

Huldfrejya, the troll queen, PMRT

Huldfrejya, the troll queen, PMRT

From my new children’s book, Tangled Magick, the sequel to Hapenny Magick, comes Huldfrejya, the …

Price: US$14.00

Click for details

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