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My Books & Short Stories

Tangled Magick, the sequel to Hapenny Magick!

Tangled Magick, April 2015

Tangled Magick, the sequel to Hapenny Magick

A hapenny should live a simple life, but two years ago Maewyn Bridgepost discovered her magick and saved her village from a troll invasion. Now as an official Protector of the Wedge, Maewyn shares in the responsibility of keeping it’s residents safe.

When her mentor, the wizard Callum, leads a Great Expedition, Maewyn joins, knowing that to be the best protector she can be, she must be familiar with what the world holds beyond her tiny village.

When you are only 3 foot tall, the outside world can be a scary place, and the hapennies soon find themselves knee deep in troll trouble. Captured by a gang of trolls the group is taken to a broken-down castle to be servants to the troll queen, Huldfrejya. Unfortunately, Callum is cast into a deep slumber. It’s up to Maewyn to rescue herself and her friends before they are entangled by a powerful magickal enchantment that will turn them into slaves to the troll queen forever!

For more information, book trailer, and reviews visit the Tangled Magick Page!


Hapenny Magick– the story that started it all! Look for the musical and the board game coming soon!


Hapenny Magick, for middle grade readers

Maewyn Bridgepost, the tiniest Hapenny (a race of little people), spends her days, from breakfast to midnight nibble, scrubbing the hearth, slopping the pigs, and cooking for her guardian, Gelbane. As if life as a servant isn’t bad enough, Mae learns that Gelbane is a troll and Hapennies are a troll delicacy.

Years ago, a spell trapped Gelbane in Mae’s village. Ever since, Gelbane has been chiseling away the magic protections and now Mae’s home is destined to become a smorgasbord for half-starved trolls. It will take all of Mae’s courage to protect her village. When pitchforks, sewing needles, pots, brooms and a little magick are the only weapons at hand, Mae finds out that great victories can be accomplished no matter what size you are, but only if you stick together.

For more information and reviews visit the Hapenny Magick page!



To Find A Wonder


To Find A Wonder

Mortimer is the best squire in Sir Emberly’s troops, but his liege refuses to recommend him for promotion to knighthood. When Mortimer demands to prove his knight-worthiness, Sir Emberly charges him with an impossible task–finding a wonder in five days. With the help of his faithful mare, a scatterbrained wizard, a frog prince, and a very special vegetable, Mortimer creates his own wonder–the first dragon to ever breathe fire! How much trouble could a fire-breathing creature cause anyway? Mortimer certainly finds out, and discovers along the way that being a knight is more than being talented with a sword.


Unfortunately, To Find A Wonder is now out of print due to the death of the publisher. For more information about this title, or the musical version, please visit the To Find A Wonder page.



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