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The Fair Villagers are coming!

Posted by on July 16, 2017

This traveling peddler arrived on our doorstep this morning. He’s headed to the annual summer gathering of the harvest faeries with his wares. He didn’t have time to stop and converse, so I had to snap his picture on the move. Thankfully, snails aren’t that quick.

It’s been a long haul, but the faeries and I have arrived safely in our new home. I thought I’d introduce you to some of the new faeries I’ve met recently. Thankfully they didn’t mind having their picture taken.

Marlo is a faerie who lives near our basement entrance. He farms the moss that grows on the retaining wall. He seems to have a bit of an Irish accent. Who knew a farming faerie could look so dapper?

Penelope was a bit too shy to look straight at the camera, but she looked beautiful anyway. She is the type of faerie who gathers our discarded and lost bits and baubles–thimbles, thread, buttons, you name it. I wondered where that screw to fix the cabinet went…

Stay tuned for more faerie sightings!


2 Responses to The Fair Villagers are coming!

  1. Pauline

    Hey Jennifer! I’m loving your little creatures with large characters! 😀

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