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New kits available in the Etsy store!

Posted by on October 26, 2015
Tidbit Faeries--the perfect size for dollhouse, ornaments or pins!

Tidbit Faeries–the perfect size for dollhouse, ornaments or pins!

Just in time for gift making, I’ve added kits for the very popular Tidbit Faerie dolls. These fairies are the perfect size for dollhouses, ornaments or pins. You’ve got the choice of 4 different skin colors (in a pre-sewn tube!), lots of felt colors, and 6 different hair colors. Check out the listing here.

il_170x135.83127037I’ve also listed again my felt kits to needle felt perfect eyes. It contains merino roving for the whites of eyes and highlights, dark brown down for pupils and (llama) guard hairs for eyelashes. Plus, you can’t beat the price! ($2.50 for the kit!) You can check out that listing here.

We’ve been traveling a lot these past few months (visiting the parental units in Texas, my son’s army graduation in Georgia, and a family funeral in Michigan) and I started a new job(!), but finally we are home and everything is settling into a half-way normal routine. I’ll be working on getting that fox pattern 3Yes, that cute little guy to the right, and I have a sea dragon pattern all drawn up and a reindeer too! Chat soon and Happy Creating!


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