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New Pattern alert and a free Snowman Ornament pattern!

Posted by on October 27, 2013


Tidbit Hapennies and Trolls are here! I’m so excited about the re-release of Hapenny Magick from Spencer Hill Press, that I decided to create another Hapenny sewing pattern. These Hapennies and Trolls are for you creators who love to hand stitch! They are only 3″ tall and can make wonderful pins, ornaments or fun dolls to play with! If you already have the Hapenny Magick, Toadstool pattern, you can make toadstool people in conjunction with this pattern!IMG_0461

Download instantly from my Etsy shop or Patternmart!

Tidbit Faeries, Hapennies and Trolls, PMRT

Tidbit Faeries, Hapennies and Trolls, PMRT

Tidbit Faeries are only 3″ tall, the perfect size for a pin, ornament or tiny doll. The basic doll …

Price: US$5.00

Click for details

The second new pattern today is Tibbles the Elephant! Tibbles is made from wool felt and hand sewn using a blanket stitch.
Think of all the fun you could have dressing this elephant up! Tibbles is about 4 1/2″ tall with thread jointed arms and legs. Head is stationary and the eyes can be embroidered if you are making this elephant for a small child.
Directions are detailed and include illustrations. This is a quick 2 hour project, less if you are an experienced hand sewer!


IMG_5416 Download from my Etsy shop or Patternmart!

Tibbles the Elephant, PMRT

Tibbles the Elephant, PMRT

Tibbles is made from wool felt and hand sewn using a blanket stitch. This is the listing for the …

Price: US$4.00

Click for details


IMG_0410And now for the free pattern you’ve been waiting for! This cute little snowman ornament has been a blast to make for upcoming craft fairs. I’ve added hats, rusty stars, buttons– all kinds of embellishments. I made him from quilted muslin.

Brief directions:

1. Print out pattern :snowguy085

2. Trace pattern onto doubled muslin with a pencil.

3. Stitch on the line, leaving the tab open for turning.

4. Turn and stuff snowman.

5. Close openings with a ladder stitch and embroider eyes and crosses down body. Embroider arm and hand.

6. Add embellishments and a hanging loop!

7. Paint the end of a toothpick orange. When dry, insert it in between stitches. Push it through head and clip excess off with a pair of wire snippers.

8.Use a little blusher on his cheeks.



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