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Free softie sewing pattern to celebrate my new book, Wojer and the Wizard of the Wood!

Posted by on May 1, 2013

a little badger-- all hand sewn!To celebrate my new storybook series, Fox Hollow Tales, in which the first tale stars a little badger named Wojer, I created this little badger for you to sew! Okay, so Wojer isn’t a European badger, he’s an American badger, but he’s still cute! Here’s what you’ll need to make a badger: wool felt in black or dark gray and white, black seed beads for eyes, floss to match felt and black for his nose, a bit of stuffing and a dab of fabric glue.

If you’d like to learn more about the books, please visit my book page!

Here are your directions:

1.Print out PDF here:badger-felt.carson

2. Trace pattern pieces onto freezer paper. Cut out pieces on the line.

3. With a warm iron press the pattern pieces onto the felt. The body, belly, soles, tail, inner ear and face stripe should be on black/gray. The head and outer ear on white. Cut the pattern pieces out. I like to store all of them in a ziploc baggie while I’m working so that I don’t lose a piece!

4. Match the notched curve of the belly and blanket stitch together, leaving about 1-2/2″ open for stuffing.

5. Match head to body and whip stitch in place. Place inner ear on top of outer ear and secure with a dab of fabric glue. Place Face Stripe on top of white head and stitch on at neck. Place a dab of fabric glue near the nose (away from the edge) and at back of head to keep the felt from slipping when you stitch the gusset in place.

6. Match one side of the belly to one side of the body and stitch together using a blanket stitch– secure threads at bottom of legs and start again at the bottom of the other leg. Repeat for opposite side of body.

7. Sew the front of the body where the belly meets in the chest, up to the point of the nose.

8. Pin head gusset in place between the head pieces. Stitch with a blanket stitch.

9. Continue stitching at point in head gusset down the badger’s back.

10. Stitch soles to bottom of feet.

11.Whipstitch tail in place. Stuff badger. Close stuffing opening with a whip stitch.

12. Sew seeds beads in place for his eyes. Whip stitch ears in place.

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