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New Dragon needs a name! Naming Contest!

Posted by on July 16, 2012

What would you call me?

I need a name! Meet the newest dragon of the The Dragon Charmer family. Problem is, we don’t know what to call her!

Perhaps you can think of a name for this little sweetie? You have until Friday July 20th to give me the best name you can think of.

The winner will receive the sewing pattern for free as well as one other pattern of your choice!  Leave your name for the dragon in the comments section, or at The Dragon Charmer Facebook page!

Good luck!

10 Responses to New Dragon needs a name! Naming Contest!

  1. Anne Carey

    Leo the Baby dragon
    or Larkspur
    or Ruby

  2. Joyce

    Lilli Lavender

  3. Annelize Osmers

    I would like to call this adorable little dragon “Wishes”

  4. heather d.harris

    I say he looks like a “pocket dragon”; my daughter disagrees she says to name it “Igon”!

  5. Ruth Bross

    the name I would give him is Sputter one day he would be Flame because now he is just a sputter when he trys to throw out a flame like all big dragons do.

  6. Susan Darling

    I think she should be called Marmalade

  7. Juanita

    I think Shasta is a good name for your new Dragon

  8. Terri M

    I would name her Misha the Mini Dragon…..she’s such a cutie and to me, Misha just seems to fit a baby or mini dragon. But, that’s just me : )

  9. Michele Henson

    I would name him Cuckles or Heathrow

  10. admin

    the winner is “Atma, the quiet one”, suggested by Mandy on Facebook! Thank you everyone for all the wonderful suggestions!

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