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Sly, the Weasel and the first summer free softie of the week!

Posted by on June 21, 2012

Sly the Weasel


Shipping from the printer on August 1st is the October Issue of Teddy Bear and Friends, where you can find– you guessed it! Sly the Weasel. If you’ve read Hapenny Magick, you’ll remember that Maewyn brought these little guys to life from twigs to help save the wedge from the troll invasion. This beautiful little weasel stands at 14″ tall and his arms and legs are jointed. 


Free Softie of the week will be up and going again soon– as soon as I get out of bed! I’ve been stuck in limbo for a week with strep. Apparently it can lodge itself in your sinuses and can only be found with a blood test. Lucky me. Check out the softies from last year while you are waiting!

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