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A Birthday Gift for you!

Posted by on September 19, 2011

Yesterday was my birthday. I was overwhelmed by how many of you sent me happy greetings. My way of thanking you is this little, just under 3″, piggy pattern!

I made him from short, dense mohair and hand dyed felt with two small glass beads for eyes. He is thread jointed with waxed linen for a longer lasting joint. Have fun with him!



1. Drag and print the pattern below. Trace onto heavy paper and cut the pieces out.

2 On the back of your mohair fabric trace one body, flip and trace a second. Trace two arms, flip and trace two more. Trace 1 ear, flip and trace a second. Trace 1 leg, flip and trace another. (When you flip the pattern piece you are making a mirror image!)

2. Out of felt, cut two little piggy ears (one flipped) and one little piggy nose.

3. Pin and stitch (1/8″ seam allowance) the body pieces together–do not stitch the sides with the dotted lines! This is the nose opening and the turning opening on the belly for this piece.

4. Pin two arms together, stitch. Stitch remaining arms together.

5. Pin one fur ear to one felt ear. Stitch together, leaving dotted opening open.

6. Fold leg in half, stitch from dotted line at top to dart-like shape under his hoof. Repeat for second leg. Clip all curves!

7. Turn pieces right side out. I highly suggest a set of brass turning tubes from You can find them here. (Scroll down almost to the bottom of the page to find the turning tubes!)

8. Stuff! Close turning openings with a ladder stitch. Close nose opening with a few stitches–it doesn’t need to be tight, just hold the stuffing in.

9. With matching upholstery thread, stitch ears on. With waxed linen thread, sew legs and arms onto the body.

10. With black embroidery floss, sew eyes on. Exit your needel out of the nose opening. Poke needle through felt nose piece where the nostril will go. NOw take a stitch in the nose and exit your needle out of the felt nose piece for the other nostril. This step effectively attaches he felt nose piece to the body nose piece and makes nostrils at the same time!

Finish as you like!

Thanks for sharing my birthday!

Mini Piggy patern

5 Responses to A Birthday Gift for you!

  1. Evi Balzar

    many many thanks and a happy birthday

  2. heike

    Alles Liebe und Gute nachträglich zum Geburtstag 🙂


  3. Elizabeth Ferguson

    Many belated returns of the day Jeniffer! Thank you for the adorable piggy pattern!

  4. Rosangela Oliveira

    Obrigada por compartilhar. Visite o meu blog ( e deixe sua opinião, eu vou adorar.

    Rosangela Oliveira

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