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Softie of the Week, Rufflewing the owl…

Posted by on July 19, 2011

Hi everyone! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the softie patterns. I’ve gotten lots of good responses and a few photos. I would love to see more of your creations, so keep sending those pics in!

There are only 2 softies left for Softie of the Week! But don’t fret– if you want more free patterns, just sign up for my quarterly newsletter at You’ll receive news about shows, exhibits and other fun stuff, pattern and hand dyed material discounts & specials, sneak peeks at new patterns and critters, and yes! a free softie pattern twice a year.  Oh, and if you join soon, you’ll be the first to find out what kind of critter I’m designing for Fairfield Poly-fil Company! It will debut in October on their website.

You can also follow me on Twitter @JenniferCarson or find me on Facebook, Jennifer Carson, the Dragon Charmer.

Now  on to the fun stuff!

I made Rufflewing out of wool scraps. She’s very easy and would make a great ornament or fall decoration on your mantelpiece or table, heck, she’s even small enough to grace a fall wreath for your door–hmmm, that gives me an idea! First a few directions!

1. Click on the pattern below and drag to your desktop. Print it out.

2. Cut the pattern pieces out. For the body, cut two out of main fabric adding a 1/4″ seam. For the face cut one out of coordinating fabric, same with beak. Cut one belly from contrasting fabric and cut six wings from same fabric. I used wool so that I could pull the strings on the edge of the wings to simulate feathers, but homespun fabrics will do that nicely too.

2.Pin and sew face to one body. Stitch close to edge or hand-stitch for an even more primitive look. Stitch beak to face. Stitch belly to body. Match body pieces with right sides together. Stitch  around body, leaving the turning opening (between the two notches) unsewn.Turn right side out. Stuff. I put poly pellets in the bottom to help her stand upright.

3. Layer 3 wing parts together and stitch about 1/4″ away from the edge. Repeat for other wing. Pull threads on edge to give the wing a feathery look.

. Stitch wings to body, before tying off, take a couple of gathering stitches down one wing and back up, pull gently. This will make the wing bend. Repeat for other wing. I added buttons at the top of the wing, but you certainly don’t have to. = )

5. Embellish as you desire. I embroidered eyes and toes, but kept him rustic looking. follow your own muse! You may enlarge the pattern if you so desire.

6. Love her!



2 Responses to Softie of the Week, Rufflewing the owl…

  1. Elizabeth F.

    How about a deer, squirrel, jungle animals?

  2. Ansha Kotyk

    LOVE. 🙂
    ooh, you’re taking suggestions. I’ve always had a thing for sheep.;) Must be my love of wool. Of course the cute little bahhaha helps too. 🙂

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