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Softie of the week, Jack-o-Lantern

Posted by on July 12, 2011

I know, summer has just begun in the far north east, and I’m already thinking about fall! Groan at me all you like, but fall is my favorite time of the year so naturally I have to give you guys a fall-ish design. Plus, these guys turn out so cute. I’d love to make a whole pumpkin patch of them.

To get started on your pumpkin patch, a few directions:

1. Drag the pattern below to your desktop and print .

2. Cut four heads out. I used hand-dyed wool, but follow your own muse!

3.Sew two head piece together, on one side only. Sew another two pieces together, this time leaving the spot between the two notches on the side open for turning.

3. Match the two pieces together and stitch all around, leaving the space between the notches at the top of the head open for the stem. Turn right side out.

4. Cut one stem from fabric with arrow side on a fold. Sew top and other side of stem. Turn right side out and stuff.

5.Insert stem into pumkin head at top and hand stitch in place.

6. Stuff your pumpkin as you desire.

7. Embroider face as you desire.

8. Ladder stitch opening closed.

9. Add any other details you like. I added some bakers twine and a cool glass leaf bead with some copper wire. These pumpkins are safe for children if you don’t add anything extra (like the leaf).

10. Love them!

If you have an idea for a free softie pattern let me know! Also, don ‘t forget to sign up for my quarterly email newsletter with special offers and discounts, sneak peeks and exciting news about new patterns, shows , books and events coming up! Sign up at my website,

7 Responses to Softie of the week, Jack-o-Lantern

  1. judy harding

    I don’t know how to drag and click?

    • jennifercarson

      Hi Judy!
      I guess I was a little dyslexic this morning! I meant click and drag–click on the pattern with your mouse and drag the photo to your desktop. Hope that helps = )

  2. Elizabeth F.

    What happen to the goldfish/goldeen pattern? I was all excited about printing off the pattern and making a few. Now, it’s gone?

  3. Elizabeth F.

    Ideas for patterns: Reindeer, dogs, cats woodland animals, dragons, etc.

  4. Marina Brantner

    I look forward to see your softie of the week. The seahorse was my favorite so far. How about doing an owl softie?

  5. jennifercarson

    Elizabeth, yes, I took it down because a designer friend felt like it was too close looking to her pattern, and I don’t wAnt to hurt anyone’s business while I try to build up my followers. So sorry!

  6. jennifercarson

    Owl softie, coming right up! Great idea!

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