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How to dye cotton fleece!

Posted by on July 12, 2011

You can get the Polliwog pattern Free in the September issue of Soft Dolls and Animals!

So, I just had a new pattern come out in the September issue of Soft Dolls and Animals Magazine and I had promised to get the directions up on my blog to dye the cotton sweatshirt fleece that I used for the Polliwog pattern for those who don’t know how to do it. I apologize, time got away from me!

Here are the directions, it’s very simple really!

1. Wash your cotton sweatshirt fleece in a mild detergent to get the sizing out, but don’t let it spin. Hand squeeze the excess water out– but you do want it to be pretty wet.

2. Fill a pot (make sure it is a pot you will NOT cook in EVER again! Find one at a garage sale or the Family Dollar Store, and relegate it to dyeing!) with luke warm water about 3/4 of the way full. For a yard of fleece I use a 3 gallon pot.

3. For a nice peachy color I use “Sunshine Orange” Rit Dye and a bit of “Petal Rose” Rit Dye, in the liquid dye form (not the powdered). Using the cap as a measuring tool, pour the orange dye into the cap, until about the ridge that sticks out inside the cap. Pour into pot and stir (again, using a spoon you will NEVER use with food!). Now add the rose, about 1/3 of what you added for the orange. Stir.

4.Place your wet fabric into the pot and stir, make sure you have gloves on. The color will take hold quickly. Pull the fabric out and make sure there are no folds in it that the dye couldn’t get to. If you like the shade it is, let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes. If you’d like the color to be a little darker, let it sit longer, or add more dye.

5.When you are happy with the color, rinse the fabric in cool water. I then rewash the fabric and dry it. You can choose to use the fuzzy, comfy side out or the smoother side if you are going to paint features onto your doll.



Happy Creating!


6 Responses to How to dye cotton fleece!

  1. Gina.S

    Thank you for the recipe for flesh color! I really like the softies of the week that your doing also.

  2. jennifercarson

    You are welcome!! So glad you like the softies!

  3. sweatshirt

    Thanks for the info, don’t forget that for the fist few washes, the fabric might bleed a little, so wash seperately. Also when washing, turn sweatshirt inside out, wash in cold water and hang dry. This will extend the life of the material.

    • jennifercarson

      yes! great tip– sometimes the fabric will bleed a bit, but I’ve found that really only happens when you dye dark colors. Still, it is a good idea to wash your fabric after you dye it, either by itself or with similar colored fabric if you dye a bunch at a time! And when you are dyeing yardage there really is no way to turn it inside out when washing, but if you make a garment out of it that would be good to do. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Marj

    I wanted to dye black my fleece gloves would that work?

    • admin

      This method will only work on cotton. Fleece (like blizzard fleece) is made of polyester and I don’t think they sell products for dying polyester for home use. If the gloves are “fleece” as in wool fleece, look for the “dying wool” thread!

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