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Softie of the Week…Fox in Socks

Posted by on June 14, 2011

I love any kind of dog-type animal: wolves, dogs, foxes. So when it came to designing this week’s softie, naturally I made one. This cute Fox in socks has an embroidered nose and eyes. The rest of him is made from various cotton materials I had in my fabric stash. I’d love to see the foxes you make from the pattern! In fact he turned out so cute, I think I’ll even make a bunch of them (once my American Democracy class is over–blech!).

This is the last week to enter the Spread the Word contest too! Winner will be announced in next week’s blog post! To see official rules, please visit the Lil’ Yellow softie of the week page. Also, feel free to share this pattern with friends and family! Happy creating!

As always, a few instructions = )

1. Drag the photo below onto your desktop and print the pattern out.

2.Cut pattern pieces out of your paper and pin pieces to doubled fabric.

3. Cut pieces out about a 1/4″ away from the pattern edge to give yourself a seam allowance. From white cut 4 “socks”, 2 face overlays and 2 tail tips. From your chosen body color cut 2 face pieces, 2 body pieces, 2 ears and 8 legs. From a scrap of pink cut 2 ears.

4. Pin face overlay pieces to face and top-stitch on inside curve. Pin Socks onto 4 leg pieces and top-stitch across top. Pin tail tip to tail and top-stitch across top.

4. Pin one pink ear to one body fabric ear and stitch, leaving straight edge open. Repeat for second ear. Turn ears inside out and top-stitch around edge. Pin to face front between black triangles and baste in place.

5. Match and pin head pieces together and stitch all around–there is no turning opening for the head. Clip curves and cut a nickel-sized hole in the back head piece. Turn head right side out, stuff.

6. Pin and stitch legs together. Turn right side out. Pour a few poly pellets in the feet for weight. Pin legs to right side of body at notches. The feet with the socks should be at the front. Baste in place. Match and pin body pieces together, pulling the feet out of the way through the turning opening (the dotted line). Stitch together,, back stitching at turning opening edges.

7. Clip curves and corners. Turn fox body right side out. Stuff as desired. Close turning opening with a ladder stitch.

8.Embroider the nose and eyes.

9. Insert the tip of the neck into the opening at the back of the fox head. Ladder stitch the head to the neck and bury thread end.

10. Love him!

14 Responses to Softie of the Week…Fox in Socks

  1. Ansha Kotyk

    you’re bleching American Democracy? I hear ya, those classes aren’t always the most exciting. 🙂 I love your little fox, he’s awesome. I love his little pink ears!! 🙂

  2. Elizabeth F.

    I love all of your patterns, but, the fox rocks socks! I’ve made one, and shared your link. [IMG][/IMG] Here is a pic of the fox I made. I too love all manor of the canine family. But, foxes are a personal favorite of mine. I gave my fox 4 socks, and I stuffed the white patches on his face to give him more dimension/depth. He is made from a pillow sham that I got at a garage sale for .25 When I saw the sham, I saw the fox. The lady at the garage sale asked me what was I going to do w/a single pillow sham, I told her that I was going to make a fox. She looked at me a little funny. I plan on making more foxes. Thank you so much for the pattern!

  3. jennifercarson

    AWWW! Elizabeth he turned out soooo cute! And I’m glad to see you gave him four socks instead of just front socks! Ha ha = ) That made me laugh typing that.
    I want to enlarge the pattern and make more foxes too! Keep sharing your creations!

  4. Elizabeth F.

    I’m so in love w/this pattern, I made yet another fox! This one is made from the underside of a sweatshirt, because that side was soft and fluffy. Went w/more natural colors this time.

    • Rosa

      Hi Elizabeth.
      Sorry but i can not see your pic . i love foxes too…
      Have you a blog?
      (I am portuguese)

  5. Nancy Perennec

    Love this!

  6. Rosangela Oliveira

    Adorei o seu trabalho, parabéns. Essa raposa está particularmente bela.


    Rosangela Oliveira

  7. Cathy Gray

    Hi Jennifer, were do I go to find that link for your softies? Not so computer literate. Thank you. Cathy

  8. Cathy Gray

    Hi Jennifer found it!!! LOL! Just took a little searching. Great softies, so cute.

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