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Softie of the Week, Seahorse Softie

Posted by on May 31, 2011

In honor of summer finally arriving in the northeast this week (and what an arrival it was–55 one day 84 the next and no end in sight),  I designed a seahorse pattern for you. I’ve always found seahorses to be very interesting and magical creatures. This little gal is made from a pale batik with vintage button eyes and funky glitter knitting yarn for the bumps and spines down her back. If you use the iridescent type of fabric for her belly and fins, you will want to use a double layer for strength!

A few instructions!

1. Drag the pattern below onto your desktop and print out.

2. Cut two bodies from your body fabric.

3. With right sides together, trace and stitch one back fin on doubled fabric  and two ear fins. Clip curves and turn right side out.

4.Top stitch a decorative pattern on back fin and pin in place–at dark

notch on back.

5. Turn straight edge of ear fins into the inside for a nice edge. Topstitch ear.

6. Pin  belly pieces to body pieces matching notches, and with wrong side of belly on the right side of body. Stitch outer edge and ridges across belly. Do one at a time and refer to the first belly piece when stitching the ridges on the second. Or draw a curved line with a water soluble pencil or air eraseable marker before stitching. Add some character with goofy lines or contrasting thread!

7.Stitch body together, leaving the back between the two large notches unsewn for turning.

8. Turn softie right side out.  Stuff as you desire. Stitch opening closed with a blind stitch.

10. Hand sew eyes and ear fins and other embelishments.

Finally–love her! And please remember that if you are making softies for a small child, to always keep safety in mind!

Remember to help me spread the word about my free softie patterns and you could win a prize! (see lil’ yellow softie post for rules and prizes!) Happy creating!

Drag and print!

5 Responses to Softie of the Week, Seahorse Softie

  1. Julie

    Hey lady!!
    I want to follow but I don’t know how?? Do you have it set up to follow cuz only your pic is there?
    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

    • jennifercarson

      Hey Julie!
      you can follow through an email subscription. Just click on the sign me up button on the right! = )
      You should call me soon–I haven’t talked to you since last August when I called you!

  2. Ann

    I made one! 🙂 It seemed so easy, but of course almost everything went wrong.. it always does the first time! Where do I send pictures to? Sorry, I’m probably looking with my nose instead of my eyes, but I can’t find it!

  3. jennifercarson

    Ann! Please send me a photo to jennifercarson at thedragoncharmer dot com. I’ll get it up on the blog!!!

  4. Sea Horses

    Thank you for this pattern, I will sure try this!

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