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Softie of the Week, Lil’ yellow Softie

Posted by on May 24, 2011

This week’s pattern is actually the first softie I ever made. He’s a cute little horned monster made from cuddly fleece and bits of my favorite cottons–you know the ones that you just can’t bear to throw the scraps away? He has large, safety lock eyes and a felt nose. As a bonus today I also have some free prizes to give away! Help me spread the word about the free softie of the week pattern. Send me an email with your name, the link to where you spread the word (twitter, facebook, etc) and earn an entry into the drawing for a custom mousepad and a free pattern of your choosing from!

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A few directions!

1. Drag the pattern below onto your desktop and print out.

2. Cut two bodies from your body fabric.

3. Cut one face  and one nose from felt.

4.On doubled fabric, trace two arms, two ears and two horns. Stitch right on the lines, there are no seam allowances. Cut the pieces out and turn. Top-stitch around ear.

5. Lightly stuff arms and horns.

6. Stitch face to one body. Pin nose to face and stitch that. have fun with this stitching– it doesn’t need to be perfect. Add some character with goofy lines and contrasting or matching thread!

7.Pin ears, horns and arms to one body. Baste in place.

8. Pin body back to body front. Stitch from black notch to black notch– leaving the space between the notches open for turning.

9. Turn softie right side out. Add eyes. Stuff as you desire. Stitch opening closed with a blind stitch.

10. Love him!

drag to your desktop and print!

One Response to Softie of the Week, Lil’ yellow Softie

  1. Ansha Kotyk

    I love your little critters! And this little monster is such a cutie pie!

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