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Softie of the week…A primitive Faerie

Posted by on May 16, 2011

As promised, a new pattern for a new primitive fairy softie. A primitive FaerieI made her from tea dyed cotton, vintage buttons and lots of love. I hope you enjoy this free softie sewing pattern. I’d love to see how you’ve taken her and made her yours, so send photos!!!

A few quick directions:

1.Make a freezer paper pattern by tracing the pattern pieces onto the paper side of the freezer paper. Trace two arms.

2.Iron the fabric you are working on and fold it so there are two layers of fabric. Cut these pieces out of the paper and iron onto the cotton or other fabric you’ll be working with.

3.Stitch around all pieces, except the bottom piece and wings, leaving the straight edge on the bottom of the faerie unstitched. Back stitch at the turning flap, both sides.

4. Remove the freezer paper pattern. Cut pieces out of the fabric. Clip curves and the triangle at the mouth. Stitch the bottom to the body. Turn all pieces right side out.

5. Sandwich a piece of cotton batting between two pieces of fabric. Pin or iron on wing pattern.  Stitch around wing. Remove paper. Top stitch the veins in the wing.

5. Boil some water and steep some tea bags. Put your faerie in the tea until is the color you want. Rinse and let dry.

6. Stuff! Sew opening together with a blind stitch.

7. Attach wings and arms. Give her some funky hair and eyes. Embellish as you choose! Most of all, have fun!

Just click and drag the pattern below to your desktop and print it out!

3 Responses to Softie of the week…A primitive Faerie

  1. Stephanie Smith

    I have been trying to send some pictures of my version of this cutie. The links haven’t worked so I posted the pictures on Facebook. Check them out. I think you may be surprised.

    • jennifercarson

      Hi Stephanie!
      You can send them to me at jennifercarson at thedragoncharmer dot com, but I will check them out on FB too!

  2. skye

    Thank you so much for sharing your awesome faerie pattern! I’ve made one and I sent you the pic via your facebook. Thanks again.. Skye.

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