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The making of a musical part 3

Posted by on August 16, 2010

I have to apologize for my absence last week. Life got the best of me and my intentions to post!

The musical is over and the junior interns at the New London Barn Playhouse have moved on to rehearsing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. And while I’m really looking forward to seeing this show, I’m sad that To Find A Wonder is done. Seeing my characters come alive by these fantastic young actors was fabulous, as was the lyrics, written by Brandon Michael Lowden and the Music by David Holtz, both graduates from Princeton.

Percival and his puppeteer

Mortimer gets advice from his Lady

At the Barn Playhouse we have a very small stage to work with as well as another show rehearsing and performing at the same time. The sets have to be made interchangeable. To Find A Wonder shared a set with the musical, Hairspray, if you can believe it. It worked wonderfully!

My son, Aaron, was cast as Prince Alastair, who finds himself in a froggy situation in the beginning of the story.

I had a chance to work with the kids in making the frog prince puppet. We used the same type of fleece that the Muppets are made from. We gave him ping pong eyeballs as well and a red tongue that flashed every time his was opened. The audience seemed to enjoy his funny love song to Mortimer.

Josh (the director & choreographer) and Camille ( the music director) spent some time teaching Aaron the basics of Puppetry–when to open open the puppet’s mouth as he’s speaking, etc. He did an awesome job of dancing, singing and puppetry all at the same time. Even mom was impressed = )

The show itself went through some changes, as all new shows must. Lines were added, lines were cut,  music was trimmed, props and puppets were made.  After 9 days ( yes! only 9 days!) the show was performed. It amazes me every time I see a performance that this company of kids, aged 11-17 have done this in so few rehearsal days! I was grateful to be a part of this summer’s line up and to have such a great acting troupe perform my story.

Courtney, who played the role of Ivan McGoon, the Minstrel

Three moon fairies

The cast after the show

My son Brennan, and two of his friends, Hunter and Jake after the show

My parents came up from Dallas to see the show too!

A lot of hours were put into the show by the interns and barn staff, so we couldn’t just leave it to two shows to show off all that hard work! The following Saturday we entered into the town parade. Our float won third place!
A very big thank you to Lynn St.Louis for the use of some of her wonderful photographs! You can visit her online at her website.

2 Responses to The making of a musical part 3

  1. Laura Pauling

    Jen, I can’t believe how much hard work you put into it! I loved the performance and the puppetry and props. A perfect representation of To Find a Wonder!

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