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How I write series…critique groups!

Posted by on August 4, 2010

Critique Groups…I couldn’t live without mine (I have two).If you don’t have one, stop reading this post and go get one. Where to find one, you ask? There are several reputable places to go.

If you are writing for children, visit the SCBWI website–for those of you who don’t know what SCBWI is– it stands for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. It is a powerhouse of information in the industry. You can find many online critique groups as well as in person meets. I have one of both and they both have their perks. We have become tight knit friends, almost family over the years–but family that will tell you the truth. If you are just having family and friends read your manuscript, it isn’t enough. They love you and don’t want to possibly hurt your feelings. What you really need is someone with an objective eye.

What you’ll find in a critique group is priceless, especially if everyone really clicks together. There will be one person with a strength in line editing. One who will catch big story booboos and still another who is good with emotional curve. Everyone will have their own strength, and the brainstorming potential can be phenomenal.

I can’t say enough about my critique groups!

Other resources you may want to check into for critique groups:

Harold Underdown’s website , The Purple Crayon

The Fighting Bookworms

at Children’s Writer Writing conferences!  I met the members of one of my  current critique groups at a conference. Conferences are  a great place to make connections. Enjoy writing today– and if you haven’t heard about Writeoncon– google it!  It is a free children’s writing conference happening next week.

Below is the current list of contributing writers to the HOW I WRITE blog series. Click a link and find out HOW I WRITE! (in alphabetical order, check us all out!)

Kendall Ashby Corbit- Rated R

Kristine Asselin – Rated PG

Tatiana Caldwell – Rated R

Isabelle Flynn – Rated PG

Ansha Kotyk – Rated PG

Laura Pauling – Rated PG

Alexia Reed – Rated R

Gail Roarke – Rated NC-17

P.M. Rousseau – Rated R

One Response to How I write series…critique groups!

  1. Ansha Kotyk

    I love the lovefest regarding critique groups. 🙂 It took a long time to find you guys but well worth the wait. It’s good to wait until you find the right group. And to keep improving your craft until you find one that works for you.

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