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Felting tutorial for eyes, fangs and hair!

Posted by on July 30, 2010

This tutorial was moved from my old blog at my website, Let me know if it helps you out with your creature felting or what you might like to see more of!

Tutorial for Pea Pods & Goblin Babies!

I have been asked to put a step-by-step tutorial up for doll makers who are new to needle felting. So here goes! I took lots of pictures = )

Begin by deciding where you want you eyes to go. I put pins in so you could see the placement. You might want to draw circles with an air erasable marker.

Take a small amount of white roving and fold it into a ball. Do not rub it into a ball–gently fold!

now, with a single needle, felt the outside of your shape.

After you are pleased with the size and shape of both eyes, use a multi-needle tool to get the white of the eye relatively flat. I like the Clover tool because the needles are grouped tightly together.

Now add your eye color in the same way you added the whites, felting the edges first.

Now the pupil. I like to use dark brown Yak down, as it doesn’t have guard hairs that stick up.

For the highlight you need a very small amount of white roving.

Needle felt first one edge, and then the other.

Do not push in the middle of your highlight

or it will disappear.

For Goblin fangs, take a small amount and fold it into a ball like before. With a single needle, felt the edges of the fang into a triangular shape.

And now for the second fang!

Okay, many of you are now asking yourselves, what about the eyebrows??! Simply felt a bit of roving in a nice little arch above the eye. I like to use camel down, it is a nice, not too intrusive color, and again, has no guard hairs that stick up.

If you want eye lids, start again with a small folded up ball.

Felt the inside corner of the eye, then the outside corner.

Then felt the lid just above the eye, and then the top part, shaping it in a half-circle. Voila! Your cute Goblin Baby face is done!

Now to add hair! I like to use tibetan lamb as it moves more like real hair, but you can also use yarn, roving, curly roving, etc. Start by placing a line of tack glue on the head from ear to middle of teh back of the head.

Now cut a bit of the tibetan lamb off the skin and place the ends in the glue.

Now needle felt the ends into the glue. When your needle gets sticky, wipe it on a wet washcloth. When you’ve finished covering the first line of glue, add the second from the middle of the back of the head to behind the other ear. Repeat the process with the locks of hair and needle felting. Below is a photo of what the next step should be. You just repeat the glue/ needle felt process until the head is covered. Leaving the front part till last.

Smile for the camera!

10 Responses to Felting tutorial for eyes, fangs and hair!

  1. Michael

    Wow, that is too cute. You make it seem so easy. It’s a very nice goblin.

  2. Barb

    Thanks for sharing. Your goblin is great!

  3. Marcia

    I finally found it!!! This all makes a lot of sense now that I am making my pea pod baby!! Thanks for putting this up. It will really help.

  4. Linda Lanese

    I love your tutorial and shared it with my reader on Craft Gossip Felting 🙂


  5. Stephanie Smith

    I have been trying to send pictures but the links haven’t worked so I posted them on Facebook. Check them out.

  6. Marilyn

    This tut is fantastic!! Thank you so much for posting and sharing it.

  7. Amanda Starr

    So helpful, thank you!! I had no idea you could needle felt into glue, game changer haha.

    • admin

      Just make sure you keep a wet cloth handy to clean off your needle when it starts to get sticky!!

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