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How I Write, Idea Creation

Posted by on June 16, 2010

For me, stories feel almost “remembered”. Like I’ve lived my characters life before and only now am I having the chance to write it down, to put into words what happened so long ago. Like an ancient bard who has just now learned that all those funny symbols the scribes make, actually mean something if you are learned in their ways.

Sometimes the memory is fuzzy, and I have to fill in the best I can. Sometimes, it is sharp, like the edge on a blade and demands to be put down moment for moment. Often I wake at four in the morning with a complete scene in my head. If I scribble it down, I’m rewarded with more and finally a return to sleep. If I run the same scene over and over, trying to remember it until morning, it’s never as crisp, and sleep eludes me. I’ll be a bit cranky the next day, though for lack of sleep, or lack of a good scene, I can’t tell. Probably both.

I’m inspired by talking to friends about what I’m writing, which as often as not, turn into brain storming, “what if you did this” sessions. Reading also inspires me, and being around other creative people, writers, artists, musicians, actors, dancers–doesn’t matter. They all have a creative drive in them that I feel– like an aura.

So, the answer to the big question– where do you get your ideas? EVERYWHERE. I know, that’s not really all that helpful. But I guess I’m saying, open your mind. Let your senses take you where they will, and an idea will pop. It might be something you experienced five years ago or five minutes ago. But we all have stories waiting to be told.

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12 Responses to How I Write, Idea Creation

  1. Kris

    Jen – beautiful post. I love that your characters wake you up in the middle of the night. That happened to me a bit with the WIP I just finished…but not sure it’ll happen again. Maybe.

  2. Ansha Kotyk

    I’ve learned something new about you Jen! I didn’t know your ideas showed up like this. I’m quite jealous! Although I think we all have to work for our ideas, the form that work comes in is hard to define. Being around other creative people definitely has it’s advantages, all that energy around you… osmosis right?
    Great post. Thanks for joining in on the fun!

  3. Laura Pauling

    I love how different ideas come to people. There is no right way!

  4. Gail Roarke

    I understand about “remembering” a story–though in my case, it’s more like transcribing. Most of any given story comes to me while I’m in the midst of writing it. I’m a “seat-of-the-pants” writer; I often have no idea where the story is going to go until I’m in the middle of writing it, and typing out the action as it occurs.

    • jennifercarson

      That happens to me too– esp. if a character wants to take a different path than I chose for him/her! But, it’s all good = )

  5. Isabelle Flynn

    How interesting! I like that you ‘remember’ your stories. I run through my ‘reel’ of an idea at night while I try to fall asleep. Sometimes I just want to go to bed to see what happens next.

    • jennifercarson

      my “reel” comes in the morning most of the time, but it still makes me want to go to sleep and let my unconscious self do the work. And, I turn into a pumpkin about 9:30 every night.
      = )

  6. Tatiana Caldwell

    Fascinating to know that you feel like you’ve “lived” your stories before. That has to be an awesome feeling! And you are right, ideas can come from everywhere. You need only to open your mind.

  7. Kendal Ashby

    I love the way you compare your stories to memories. What a beautiful and unique way to say it. I bet that adds a good level of connection with your characters. 🙂

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