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When Inspiration Hits…

Posted by on June 7, 2010

What inspires you? How many times has your muse woken you up at 4 am?

After a long ride home from the SCBWI conference in Framingham, Massachusetts with a critique partner a few weeks ago, I dropped her off at home feeling inspired to write something totally new and different. Something that would still include my love for the Renaissance and magic, but not set in jolly old England-ish places. I even had the tid-bits of a plot…at least a beginning.

And then, bam. On another weekend, on another long drive, I was hit with inspiration. After chewing over the last few lines of the middle grade story I had just finished, a whole new plot, with the same characters came to me. I pulled out my notebook and I scribbled for three hours. In that three hours, I actually had a main plot that made sense.

The same inspiration happened yesterday on the way home from taking the family to see Shrek Forever After. I need to make Ogre babies. It won’t be much of a change from my troll baby pattern, just a few tweaks and a different type of nose and voila! They are going to be sooo cute!

Oh! there goes the washer–time to dye the wool! I’ll post photos of my ogre babies soon = )

And don’t forget about my contest!

2 Responses to When Inspiration Hits…

  1. Ansha Kotyk

    Yippee! Ogre babies!!!

  2. Kris

    Jen – can you send me some of that inspiration? Very cool…I know some will hit me soon, I’m just waiting for it.

    And we HAVE to see Shrek! Ogre babies!

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